Backpack/Sling Bag

A completely new style of backpack/sling bag, pursuing convenience and ease of use depending on the purpose.

A mirrorless camera with a lens and two additional lenses can be stored inside. The 5mm thick core material at the bottom and the 10mm thick inner case securely protects the items within. The inner partitions are fastened with Velcro tape, making it easy to detach them and customize the inner case to suit the camera and accessories. In the upper section of the bag, there are two different types of pockets. A full size pocket with a zipper and a divided pocket, enabling various items to be separately stored. In the lower section there is a pocket with a zipper as well as a pocket fitted with cushioning which can hold items up to the size of an iPad. To reduce the strain of carrying the bag and its contents, the shoulder strap is fitted with a thick pad.

The clever strap system enables it to be used as a backpack or a sling bag, depending on the occasion. When used as a shoulder bag, you can easily access the contents inside. There are two larger pockets located on the sides, one of which can also store the extra shoulder strap when using the backpack as a sling bag.

The bag has a partition which separates the compartment into two sections, upper and lower. It can be unzipped to create one big compartment. (Up to B4 size can be stored)

Strap System : Easy Slider System

< SPIDELON > / Nylon

Body Size: W260 x H430 x D120mm

Inner Size: W250 x H150 x D90mm

Mirrorless camera with lens + 2 Lenses + iPad Air